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All about the Rolex Rankings 

I believe that all women golfers (players and fans) should understand the terms used in following women's golf.  So here's a short explanation of the very important official "Rolex Rankings" [yes, branded by the famous watch company Rolex] that are used for final season awards AND for who will play in the UL International Crown (one of my favorite formats) in October in Incheon, Korea (on the north-western coast of Korea very near Seoul).

What are the Rolex Rankings?  The Rolex Rankings assign point-values to women golfers based on how well they play (over a two year period) in nine women's competitive golf tours.  Some tours are more competitive than others and the Rolex Rankings take that into account in assigning point values. The tours used for the Rolex Rankings are: ALPG (Australia), CLPGA (China), KLPGA (Korea), JLPGA (Japan), LET (Ladies European Tour), LETAS (developmental tour of the LET), LPGA, Symetra Tour (developmental tour of the LPGA), TLPGA (Taiwan).  When you visit the website, check in at the FAQ tab (frequently asked questions) -- for a great review. 

When you click on the website http://www.rolexrankings.com/en/rankings here is what comes up on the first part of the first page of the website (as of March 3, 2018).  This shows that Shanshan Feng is ranked #1 -- she is from CHN=China --has played in 50 events and so far has Total Points of 362.61. 

What's great about the site is that you can search by PLAYER and by COUNTRY.  Those searches are very important because this 2018 season, the LPGA Tour features the UL International Crown tournament -- the top 8 countries with top four players with the most Rolex Points will be able to compete for the Crown. 

Going back to the Rolex Ranking site below:  Now on my computer I am going to go to the COUNTRY box and in the pull down menu, select USA and then KOR (Korea) and add the points of their top four players.   Korea has over 1100 points and the USA has 937.  It's highly likely that both the USA and Korea will be competing for the crown.

STOP:  I DON'T HAVE TO DO ALL THAT WORK!  I can go to the LPGA website and find the current standings for the UL Crown at   http://www.lpga.com/tournaments/2018-ul-international-crown-team-standings.

Now you know how to use the Rolex Ranking site.  And the Rolex Rankings will determine what players from what countries will be competing in the Olympic Golf competition in Toyko in 2020.