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      MY MISSION:  More Women and More Girls Playing More Golf 

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Free Help Line -- Ask Nancy

EDUCATIONAL SERVICES:  Yes, "free" help.  If you would like to Contact me with a question or would like a little help in getting your women's golf programs off the ground or making them more successful, simply fill out the following form explaining your question or problem.  Or, use this form for comments or suggetions to the website.
"Nancy provided the input we needed to start building a marketing
program focused on reaching women golfers for the network of participating courses."
---  Jeff Huseman, Co-president
As a service to the industry and to the millions of women golfers, if I can answer your question fairly quickly, there is absolutely no fee for my service.   You will find the Best Practice List (on this website) a good source of information and ideas. You may also submit drafts of marketing materials, which I will review for you.
If your question requires more time or research, I will advise you of that promptly.  I may also be able to refer you to another golf industry resource for information.  To find out more about Berkley Consulting services, see the Consulting Services tab.
Please also use this form to pass along your best practice or insights about women's golf.  I am always updating my research and list of best practices.  When you have completed the form below, click the 'Submit' button to send me your message. You will see a confirmation below.  --   Nancy

Nancy has written a book that explain the basic principles of how to attract and retain women golfers. Her book is available through the National Golf Foundation website.
Click or contact us today for more information about this informational book.  The book sells for $50 to non NGF members.  Special pricing is available to members of the NGCOA at 
Book - Consulting service for female golfers and golf resorts.